China's Small Arms of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)

                      July 7, 1937 - July 7 2014
                  77 Years, We Still Remember


Introduction by Stanley Zielinski

There is considerable printed material in English on the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945, but very little of it is concerned with Chinese small arms of the period, especially detailed descriptions of the small arms made and used by the Chinese. A number of books have been written in English on Japanese small arms of the WWII period, but there is not a single book in English on Chinese small arms with the possible exception of Dolf Goldsmith's book Arming the Dragon.

Much of what is "known" about Chinese small arms is not based on reliable sources, so there are a number of misconceptions. And although there are a number of Chinese works on the subject, these are in Chinese and so of limited usefulness to most Westerners.

This book fills that gap. Based on credible Chinese sources and the actual arms themselves, this English version of the book serves as an accurate, reliable guide to Chinese small arms of the 1937-1945 period. I suggest that anyone interested in Chinese small arms of the WWII era, and indeed anyone interested in the Pacific theater of WWII, should buy this book.

Author's Note:
This book focuses on the research of the small arms manufactured and deployed in China during WWII. It contains the following chapters:
Chapter 1 : Overview
Chapter 2
: The Chinese Ordnance Industry During the War 
Chapter 3 : Pistols
Chapter 4
: Rifles 
Chapter 5 : Light Machine Guns & Automatic Rifles
Chapter 6
: Heavy Machine Guns
Chapter 7
: Other Weapons
Chapter 8
: Japanese Small Arms
Appendix 1
: Reference Books and Small Arms Resources
Appendix 2
: Idioms & Terminologies
Appendix 3
: Ordnance Office Arsenals As Of April 23, 1941
Appendix 4 : Ordnance Office List of Ordnance In Service, December, 1933
Appendix 5 : Japanese Military Data
Appendix 6
: Chinese Ammunition Container Markings

There are more than 600 color or black and white pictures and illustrations in the book, many never published before. All books purchased here are signed by the author.



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Option 1: Chinese edition only. The book was published by the China Aviation Publishing & Media Co. Ltd. in Feb, 2014, Beijing. It is in Simplified Chinese and 318 pages in total. This book has many color pictures and pictures are larger in general. The price is $29.95.

Option 2: Chinese edition and English edition combination. The English edition is author self-published with very limited run, it is edited by Stan Zielinski. It is 294 pages in total. The translation is based on author's most current manuscript with updated information.

Option 3: English edition only. The 2014 English edition. This book has black and white pictures only and pictures are smaller in general. The price is $39.95.